About Yugster.com

Yugster.com is a daily deal website that sells cool stuff at prices that can almost never be beat.  New deals are posted every day at 6am EST.  One day sales sometimes don’t last a whole day – they’re only Yours Until Gone!

What makes Yugster.com the best daily deals website?  For starters, every day, a lucky member wins one of Yugster’s Daily Deals!  Get signed-up on the daily email, and you could be tomorrow’s next daily winner!

Members also get exclusive deals.  Every Friday, a member’s only email is sent out that gives only Yugster Members access to these amazing deals that are so amazing, we can’t post them publicly online!

Members also earn YUG Points on every purchase.  The more points you earn, the more opportunities you get to save even more!  Members with higher YUG points will get bigger price breaks on select daily deal items.

Last, but not least, members get to see tomorrow’s “Today’s Deal”, which may not become Today’s Deal tomorrow, if it sells out.  Make sense?  Today’s Deal is only Yours Until Gone!

So hop on the Yug Train and start saving!  Also take part in Yugster’s monthly Contests, to win amazing prizes and Yugster.com Gift Cards.


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